Dezerland Park Orlando Presents


$200 Million Auto Collection | Over 2,000 vehicles

Cars and Octane Car Event At Dezerland Park Orlando
Dezerland Park Orlando Presents


$200 Million Auto Collection | Over 2,000 vehicles

Orlando Auto Museum at Dezerland Park

Welcome to the automotive marvel that is the Orlando Auto Museum, located within Dezerland Park. We proudly boast one of the world’s most captivating collections, housing over 2,000 vehicles that collectively represent a staggering $200 million dollar value! Dive into the extraordinary as you traverse through this collection of vehicles, capturing the essence of automotive evolution in the heart of Dezerland, the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts.

20+ Themed Auto Museum rooms INSIDE

Embark on a captivating journey at the Orlando Auto Museum, where we have over 20 themed rooms! Step into the legendary Batcave, where iconic superhero vehicles await. Dive into the glitz of Hollywood at the Cars of the Stars exhibit. Explore the valor of the Military section, showcasing tanks and armored vehicles. Relive the elegance of the Roaring Twenties in the Gatsby-themed room. Each room is a gateway to a different facet of automotive culture, inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the stories behind these remarkable vehicles, right here at Dezerland Park Orlando!


Getting your tickets to the Orlando Auto Museum is your passport to a world of automotive wonders. For an extra special experience, our VIP tours offer unique insights and photo opportunities, allowing you to get a deeper experience of the auto collection. Don’t miss the chance to secure your entry to an automotive adventure that guarantees lots of memories! Book your tickets now and step into the heart of Dezerland’s automotive universe.


Extend the thrill beyond the Orlando Auto Museum with a variety of captivating activities at Dezerland Park. Immerse yourself in the magic of the largest pinball arcade in Florida, The Pinball Palace and play at our video game arcade Gamrz Delight!

Enjoy adrenaline-charged experiences like indoor karting, bowling, axe throwing, glow-in-the-dark mini golf or indulge in cinematic experiences at our theater. Dezerland Park truly has something for everyone!


Need an event space? We have plenty! Book your events at the Orlando Auto Museum that cater to every interest. We have both indoor and outdoor event spaces for events such as car meetups and concerts. Beyond that, the museum offers an exceptional venue for corporate events, team building sessions, and unforgettable birthday parties. Host your gatherings alongside the rich history of automobiles, ensuring an extraordinary and memorable experience for all!

Come Visit the Orlando Auto Extravaganza!

Come enjoy one of the best indoor attractions in Orlando, the Orlando Auto Museum at Dezerland Park! Come with family or friends, a corporate event, or even a party!


Mon to Thu – 12PM to 9PM
Fri – 12PM to 11PM
Sat – 11AM to 12AM
Sun – 11AM to 10PM


5250 International Drive Orlando, Florida, 32819

Holiday schedule

Thanksgiving – CLOSED
Christmas Eve – 12PM to 6PM
Christmas Day – 2PM to 10PM
New Year’s Eve – 12PM to 9PM
New Year’s Day – 11AM to 10PM


Based on 259 reviews
Monica Trotter
Monica Trotter
November 26, 2023
Brennan was our tour guide and he was super friendly and informative. We really loved our time there and will certainly return. Honestly if you really love automobiles I would highly recommend the museum but a little FYI, we took the 6pm VIP tour; not nearly enough time to look through the exhibits afterward. So much to see!!!! Next time we will get there in the A.M and spend much of the day there, as you definitely could.
Dyllan Johnson
Dyllan Johnson
November 25, 2023
Paul & Javier were our VIP tour guides, great knowledge on cinema / vehicle history / the travel guide of where some of these vehicles have been and what they’ve gone through. Loved every minute of it, a definite tourist hotspot for any non-local’s visiting from out of town. 11/10 recommend!
November 22, 2023
It was amazing cars where amazing love it
Rob G (DJ Phat Mac)
Rob G (DJ Phat Mac)
November 20, 2023
Supercars, classics, and antiques. If you enjoy cars, you will like this place. Lots of other fun things to do nearby also.
Barry Sanel
Barry Sanel
November 17, 2023
This museum offers not only the most famous tv and movie cars, but for a very reasonable extra fee allows you to sit in them for a photo op. Really extraordinary and amazing. As a child of the sixties and seventies, I never thought I would actually get to see let alone sit in these cars. The James Bond room is fantastic. I wish my dad was still alive to see this. To Michael Dezer, thank you for generously allowing this bonus. My tour guide, Javier, was super knowledgeable and gave a great tour!
Natasha C.
Natasha C.
November 16, 2023
(Free Parking & Located inside Dezerland Indoor Theme Park) I spent a day at The Auto Museum in Orlando which holds one of the largest car collections in the world. There are over 2,000 vehicles valued at $200 million! Before you can enter The Auto Museum, you go through Dezerland's entrance. Dezerland is an indoor theme park with go-karts, movies, axe-throwing, mini-golf, bowling, & of course The Auto Museum. Of all the cars, my favorite was seeing the real Batmobile used in the film. I saw authentic military vehicles, James Bond film cars, and more! There were cars from Russia, the 30s & 40s, and other films like Ghostbusters and the famous Delorean from Back-to-the-Future. This is an excellent detour from your typical Disney trip or outdoor theme parks. It makes a great indoor date or family activity. If you're a car-lover or enjoy museums, I would stop by here on your next Orlando trip. 🙂
Josh W
Josh W
November 14, 2023
I love the Auto Museum at Dezerland. I've been twice and love looking at all the classic cars and movie vehicles. The fact that there is enough to look at to take up a whole day on top of all the other activities and food at Dezerland makes it a great day if it is raining or just to get out of the heat.
Kurt Robinson
Kurt Robinson
November 13, 2023
Very interesting Benji was a great guide on the vip experience




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